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pike.git/CHANGES:35:   o ** operator added. It's exponentiation and works with most    combination of numerical types (int,float,Gmp.mpq,Gmp.mpf,Gmp.mpz)       `** and ``** operator overloading functions added.       This introduces one incompatible change: Previously the "pow"    function called a "_pow" function in the first argument if it was an    object. It has now been changed to also use `** (or, rather, pow()    is now implemented using predef::`**()).    + o Three pass compiler. +  +  An extra pass of the compiler has been added. It is used to properly +  resolve types in forward referring expressions, and is only run when +  needed. +    o #pragma disassemble       This directive is now available even in pikes compiled --without-debug.       The byte code output is now interleaved with the generated machine code    on selected architectures.      o Complain about redundant backslash escapes.      o '__weak__' modifier added.