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pike.git/CHANGES:159:   o Added Thread.Queue.peek_array.      o Add System.getloadavg() on platforms that support the getloadavg() call.      o Pike.Backend has reinstated call_out memory usage, and a new function,    Pike.DefaultBackend.get_stats() for viewing this data.      o Locale.Charset now supports encoding and decoding UTF32.      o Added Sql.Sql()->is_open() and Sql.Sql()->ping(). Not that -  your chosen database module must support these (Mysql -  currently does). +  your chosen database module must support these (Mysql and pgsql +  currently do).      Optimizations   -------------      o MIME should now use 1/3 less memory when decoding big messages.      o Nettle.hash       Avoid allowing threads during hashing of small strings (current threshold    is 1 MB). This change improves ApacheBench numbers ~20% for a Roxen
pike.git/CHANGES:328:       - Fixed locking problem in Mysql.       - Fixed dangling cache reference in prepared statements when using CREATE    statements via Sql.pgsql.       - Fixed broken (auto-re-) connect logic in Sql.pgsql.       - Support all text queries in Sql.pgsql.    +  - Fixed rare string corruption in Sql.pgsql. +    o SSL/TLS:       - Fixed bugs in handling of abrupt SSL3 remote close. sslfile now also    triggers EPIPE errors if the user attempts to read or write to a    connection that has been abruptly closed (to detect truncation    attacks better).       - Fixed issue where SSL3 async_client objects became garbage even    after close().