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pike.git/CHANGES:2:   ------------------------------------------------------------------------      New language features   ---------------------      o Unlimited character constant size.       There is no longer any limit to the size of character constants,    e.g. 'acdefghijk' creates the bignum 0x61636465666768696a6b.    + o Syntax for specifying default values for function arguments added. +  +  The function definition +  +  string foo(string bar = "bar") { return bar; } +  +  will now result in a function(string|void:string) that returns +  "bar" if called with no arguments or UNDEFINED, and its argument +  otherwise. The local variable 'bar' above will be typed string +  (ie not string|void) in the function body. +    o 'auto' type added.       This is much like a strict typed mixed. The actual type is deduced    compile-time.       Typical use is as the type for variables in foreach when looping over    complexly typed values, or as the type in macro-defined functions and    similar.       auto can be used as return type for a function, it will be the