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pike.git/CHANGES:10:   o Fixed bug in finding out svalue type for trampolines.   o Added handling of ISO-6937:2001 in charset decoder.   o Many dup2() fixes in Stdio.File.   o Fixed Crypto.set_{en,de}crypt_key() to accept the force flag.   o Added alternate backend support for Stdio.sendfile().   o More error handling added to Monger.   o More error handling added to cgrep.   o Added "Regexp.PCRE.Widestring" to the feature list.   o Added ADT.Trie data type.   o Fixed bug in columns sorting in ADT.Table. + o Fixed infinite loop in GTK.Calendar->get_day() and ->get_day_month().   o Encoder, Decoder and Codec are now available in the Pike module.    While the programs were always retrievable from the master object,    now they can be inherited in codecs that wish to extend the master    codecs.   o The XMLRPC module can now serialize Calender objects. Only 200    responses will be attempted to be decoded. Fixed a bug in handling    of string values.      Image related changes in Pike: