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pike.git/CHANGES:50:    FIXME: You don't say.... I wonder if I should hack up CVS to refuse    checkins with a message on the form "Fix[^ ]* bug in [^ ]*".      o Image.TIFF: Fixed memory leak on OOM.      o Fixed crash bug in Fixed core-dump typo in yyexplain_not_implements().      o LysKOM.ProtocolTypes: Bugfix of LocalToGlobalBlock    FIXME: Elaborate.    - o Don't risk hanging on mutexes when threads are disabled in Pike_fatal. -  FIXME: Rephrase + o Protected Pike_fatal() against the risk of hanging on mutexes.      o Added 7.6 compat versions for RegGet{Value{,s},KeyNames}().      o Fixed memory leak in Image.Colortable.      o Reinstated the class as Parser.SGML(). It inadvertedly became    Parser.SGML()->SGML() in the move to a separate file.    Parser.SGML.SGML is kept as a compatibility alias.      o Added Pike 7.6 and earlier compat for store_constant(UNDEFINED).
pike.git/CHANGES:132:    usual I/O interfaces support IPv6 as-is.)       FIXME: Should probably be in Tools or Standards.      o Added Filesystem._Tar.extract to be able to extract many/all files    in a reasonably efficient way.      o Added Parser.Tabular    FIXME: Description    - o Calendar.TMD.http_time() that knows how to handle dates according to + o Calendar.YMD.http_time() that knows how to handle dates according to    HTTP 1.1 (RFC 2616).         Building and installing   -----------------------      o Use the #-character as prefix and suffix for placeholders in    master.pike.in instead of the currency sign, to avoid 8-bit character    encoding issues.    - o Disabled "Option Compare Binary" in win32 installer, since it -  apparently isn't supported in vbs. -  +    o Improved subbort for bumping via both Subversion and git.      o A recent stable Pike (7.8.116+) is now required to do a "make    export".      o The win32 installer now removes the generated master.pike on uninstall.         Changes since Pike 7.6:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------