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pike.git/CHANGES:284:    This callback can also be used to filter the directory entries.      o Float       The function isnan() can be used to check if a float is Not a    Number.       > Float.isnan(Math.inf/Math.inf);    (1) Result: 1    + o Gdbm +  +  Gdbm databases can be opened in synchronous mode or locking mode by +  adding "s" or "l" respectively in the mode parameter to the create +  method. +    o Geography.Position       It is now possible to encode Position objects with encode_value().      o GLUE       - The default event callback will now exit both on Exit and Escape    events.       - The texture, list and light id generators will now be created    after we are sure that GL has been initialized, to prevent crashes    on several systems.       - BaseTexture and BaseDWIM now supports clamped textures.       - Several bug fixes.    -  + o Gz +  +  - Added compress() and uncompress() functions as an simpler and more +  efficient but non-streaming interface. +  +  - Support for RLE And FIXED compression method, if supported by +  zlib. +  +  - Added support for configurable compression window size. +  + o Image.Colortable +  +  FIXME +  +  greyp() +  partial encode/decode (dithering, lookup mode not saved) +    o Image.Dims       Support for parsing out the dimensions of TIFF files has been added.    -  + o Image.FreeType +  +  FIXME +  +  supports monochrome fonts +  + o Image.Image +  +  FIXME +  +  adjusted_cmyk() +  encode/decode +  conversion to/from YUV +  + o Image.Layer +  +  FIXME +  +  (string)Image.Layer +  + o Image.PNG +  +  FIXME +  +  - Many speed improvements and bug fixes. +  +  - Properly decode cHRM (chrome), sBIT (sbit), gAMA (gamma), pHYs +  (physical), oFFs (offset), tIME (time) +  +  - zlevel and zstrategy +  + o Image.TIFF +  +  Added support for little endian TIFF files. +    o Int       Int.inf is an object that can be used as an infinitly large integer.      o Locale.Charset       FIXME: Rewrite    Remapped and documented the use of the private character space.    ISO-IR non-spacers are now converted into combiners.    Added some support for pluggable character sets.
pike.git/CHANGES:707:       These incompatible changes can be solved by adding #pike 7.6 to your    source file or starting Pike with -V7.6.      o Array.transpose_old       This function is removed.      o _Charset    -  This internal module has had most of its content removed. +  This internal module has had most of its content removed. It is +  still available from Local.Charset.    -  FIXME: Que?????????? -  +    o Crypto       The old crypto functions from Pike 7.4 have been removed. These    functions produced a warning when used in Pike 7.6.      o Debug.describe_program       The API for this debug function has changed.      o Image.Image
pike.git/CHANGES:787:   update(?):      Geography.pmod/Countries.pmod   MIME.pmod/ext...      fixme:   Process.locate_binary      ----   modules/_Charset +  +  + src: + CommonLog: fixed sign bug + files: FIXME + Gettext: lots of build fixes + gmp: FIXME