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pike.git/CHANGES:37:   o Process.create_process()->set_priority now works on Microsoft Windows.   o SDL and GL now compiles, links and works on Microsoft Windows.   o Produce real zeroes and not false function pointers when a local    function with only a prototype is referenced. This was a compatibility    problem; there's code that assumes that false values can't be    function references.   o Fixed GTK issue where the new and old signal callback signature was    randomly used for signals connected with signal_autoconnect(). This    method now always uses the old method while a new method,    signal_autoconnect_new() uses the new interface. - o Added missing GTK methof set_style. + o Added missing GTK method set_style.   o Fixed a compatibility problem with Getopt, which caused Pike 7.4 to -  behave slightly different than previous versions when running in +  behave slightly different from previous versions when running in    posix-me-harder mode.   o Fixed a bug in the code handling boundaries in multipart messages in    the MIME module. - o Multiline tokens are now hanled better in Parser.Pike when running + o Multiline tokens are now handled better in Parser.Pike when running    in streaming mode.   o Fixed a bug in low_backtrace where the backtrace itself could be    reported as an argument to the top function if it was of varargs    type.   o Fixed security hole with running next_object in a Pike with    security.   o Fixes to make dumping work in a fakeroot environment.   o Line numbers for C programs are now shown in backtraces even without    having to compile with rtldebug.   o It is possible to turn on only gc debug with trace(1,"gc").
pike.git/CHANGES:67:   o The decaying average calculation in the gc had a bug that caused the    last reading (i.e. the last gc run) to be weighted very heavily.    Thus a single "abnormal" gc run could cause the gc to schedule a    fairly short or long gc interval the next time which might make it    erratic.   o More solutions to new and fresh autoconf compatibility problems,    willfully introduced by the autoconf team.   o Threads are disabled by default on OpenBSD/alpha <= 3.x.   o Pike will now look for the master path in SOFTWARE\Pike\ in the    registry on Microsoft Windows. - o Fix icon transparency on Microsoft Windows. + o Fixed icon transparency on Microsoft Windows.   o Fixed a bug that could cause wrong line numbers in backtraces when    ia32 machine code is used.   o Fixed bug that could cause the stack to get out of synch when large    64 bit negative integers were converted to bignum objects.   o Fixed bug in trampoline objects so that they can be indexed and    printed as normal objects. -  + o Fixed a bug in the dependency analyser. It didn't check arguments to +  side-effect free functions for written variables, which could cause +  overoptimization breakage.      Changes since Pike 7.2.30:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New/improved functionality:   ---------------------------      o New Hilfe    The interactive pike environment you get when running pike without    giving a program name, has been thoroughly rewritten. Most notably