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pike.git/CHANGES:396:    Fixed mutex handling.      o Tools.Standalone.httpserver       The builtin webserver tool shipped with Pike (pike -x httpserver) was    previously susceptible to a directory traversal attack via URL encoding.      Building & Tools   ----------------    + o Add --with-exclude-site-prefixes configure option. +  +  This will cause any directory specified in this option to be +  excluded from the search path for binaries/includes/libraries. This +  option will override any paths found by other means, allowing "system" +  directories like /usr/local to be exluded for making binary distributions. +    o Drop support for Postgres 7.1.      o Fix compilation with Nettle 3.1.1.      o Support recent versions of libfreetype.      o Drop use of the obsolete (~20 years) Solaris ioctl /proc API.       The ioctl-based /proc API was obsoleted in Solaris 2.6 (July 1997),    but to be supported "until the next major release". In Solaris 11.4