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pike.git/CHANGES:558:    Added rendering of DTD ELEMENT nodes.    Added functions to inser new childe node.    Moved parser code into the nodes allowing for extendability.    set_tag_name()    simple-stuff    AbstractSimpleNode, VirtualNode, SimpleNode.    Node.zap_tree      o Postgres    -  FIXME +     Added affected_rows. -  +  Made big_query() streaming. +  Added streaming_query() alias to indicate support. +  Support bindings natively on big_query(). +  Automatic binary or text transfer for queryarguments and resultrows. +  Return correct UNDEFINED instead of 0 values for NULL values in resultsets. +  Fix raceconditions.      o Pike       - A new function count_memory() has been added which can calculate    the memory consumed by arbitrary data structures. Useful when    implementing memory caches.       - A new function get_runtime_info() has been added which returns    information about current ABI, if automatic bignums are enabled,    what bytecode method is used, the size of native floats and