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pike.git/CHANGES:123:    the generated files and is not affected (except it compiles in less    time).      o By default pike want you to build a documentation source file, i.e.    "make && make doc && make install". This makes it possible for third    party modules to integrate its documentation into the system Pike    documentation. If you do not want to build a documentation source    file, use "make install_nodoc" instead of "make install".       - Language additions: - ------------------- -  +    Changes and additions to -x utilities:   --------------------------------------      o rsif    rsif can now work recursively in a file structure if given the    flag -r or --recursive. Example:    pike -x rsif -r 7.4 7.6      o benchmark    A set of benchmarks is available in the benchmark tool. They are
pike.git/CHANGES:316:    draw_frame();    return -1;    }       void draw_frame() {    call_out(draw_frame, 0.02); // 1/(50 fps)    do_gl_code();    GLUE.swap_buffers();    }    + o ADT.CircularList +  This is an circular list implemented as a C wrapper around an +  array. It has a constant time complexity for pop and push. It has +  a limited max size but it can be increased manually by calling the +  allocate. It supports pushing, popping and peeking at both ends of +  the list, as well as removing and insering elemtns at any +  positioin in the list.    - o _ADT - o Geography RT38 + o ADT.Sequence +  The sequence work similar to an array but has the possibilities to +  insert and remove elements at any position. It also has functions +  to retrieve iterators that work from either side of the sequence.    -  +  + o Geography +  The Geography.Position object can now convert to and from the +  Swedish RT38 (Rikets Triangulering 1938) position format. +    o Int    The Int module contains a few functions and constants that deals    specifically with the integer data type. Currently it contains    parity and byte swapping functions and constants for the system    maxint and minint.      o Pike.Security    Functions and classes that deals with the Pike security system    (requires Pike to be compiled with --with-security to be present)    are stored in this module. Beware that the Pike security system is
pike.git/CHANGES:357:   o Error    The beginning of the Pike exception hiearchy. Even though it is    work in progress, it is already usable.       > mixed err = catch( 1/0 );    > err;    (1) Result: Error.Math("Division by zero.\n")    > object_program(err)==Error.Math;    (2) Result: 1    +    o Float    Here constants and functions that deals specifically with the    float data type is stored. Currently contains only various    constants that describe the precision and limitations of the float    type Pike is compiled with.      o Protocols.Bittorrent -  +  This is a Pike implementation of the client side of the popular +  Bittorrent protocol. Both creating torrent files and seeding as +  well as downloading and verifying files are supported. There are +  also several functions to retreive auxillary information such as +  identifying the other peer clients.      o Protocols.LMTP/Protocols.SMTP    Protocols.LMTP Implements a server for the Local Mail Transfer    Protocol, LMTP, as specified in RFC2033. This module has been well    tested against Postfix clients. Protocols.LMTP is based on a new    server implementation in Protocols.SMTP.      o Protocols.OBEX    An implementation of the IrDA(R) Object Exchange Protocol. OBEX is    a protocol for sending and receiving binary objects to mobile
pike.git/CHANGES:403:       foreach(owlset->find_statements(0,    owlset->rdf_type,    owlset->owl_Class);    array statement)    write("- %O\n", statement[0]);       return 0;    }    +    o Array    The Array module has been extended with Array.all and Array.any    which determines if all or any of the elements in an array meets a    given condition. Also the function Array.partition has been added,    which divides the elements of an array into two arrays, selected    by a given condition.      o Function    The Function module has been extended with the fixpoint combinator    "Y", useful when writing recursive lambdas, a curry function, to
pike.git/CHANGES:432:   o Filesystem.Traversion    The Filesystem.Traversion iterator is a handy way to descend into    a directory structure (depth first) and perform actions on all or    some of the files.       Example:       foreach(Filesystem.Traversion("."); string dir; string file)    if(file[-1]=='~' || file=="core") rm(dir+file);    +    o Calendar module    The %S format is added to Calendar.parse() to parse seconds since    the Epoch. The TimeRange class is extended with a format method    format_commonlog(), a tzname_utc_offset (+HHMM) and    tzname_location(), which, when available, returns zone names like    "Europe/Stockholm". The database has been updated with Swedish    pre-1901 namedays and Finnish namedays.      o SSL -  +  Large parts of the SSL module has been rewritten, either as part +  of the rewrite of the Crypto module or in an attempt to fix many +  issues regarding blocking/nonblocking files, threads etc.    - o Sql.Provider -  +    o EXIF    The EXIF module is now much more robust than before and can handle    some of the erroneous EXIF tags some cameras procduce. Extended    support for Nikon cameras.      o Standards.IDNA    This module implements various algorithms specified by the    Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) memo by the    Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), RFC 3490.         Optimizations:   --------------    - o Instantiation and destruction of pike-classes is now significantly faster. + o Instantiation and destruction of pike-classes is now significantly +  faster.      o Handling of bignums has been optimized, especially conversion    to/from normal integers.      o String case conversion is now five times faster than before on    average.         Compatibility changes:   ----------------------    -  + o Incompatible changes has been done to ADT.Heap, Array.diff3_old, +  Crypto, Locale.Charset, Protocols.SMTP, SSL, Sql.sql, +  Standards.ASN1, Standards.PKCS, Stdio.File, Thread.Mutex and +  rusage(). Please refer to the 7.4 namespace in the compatibility +  section of the documentation for a complete description of these +  changes. Using #pike 7.4 or starting Pike with -V7.4 activates the +  compatibility layer, which should make it possible to run old code +  with newer pikes. +  +    Compatibility changes without backward compatibility:   -----------------------------------------------------      o Module ABI changed    The pike_frame struct has a new member, which makes modules compiled    with earlier versions of Pike incompatible.         C level/development changes:   ----------------------------
pike.git/CHANGES:511:      o The make file has a few new targets that should be self explanatory:    gdb_hilfe, valgrind_hilfe and valgrind_verify.      o The header file module_magic.h is deprecated. Use the    PIKE_MODULE_INIT and PIKE_MODULE_EXIT macros in your modules    instead.      o The backend has a new interface to handle references from backend    objects to callbacks in files. -  -  - Bugs fixed: - ----------- -  -  - Uncategorized misc changes: - --------------------------- -  - kqueue - OOB fixes - epoll +