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pike.git/CHANGES:875:      o Crypto.SALSA20 and Crypto.SALSA20R12       The 128/256 bit cipher SALSA20 is now available as a stream cipher    in Crypto. SALSA20R12 is SALSA20 reduced to just 12 rounds.      o Crypto.SHA3_224, Crypto.SHA3_256, Crypto.SHA3_384 and Crypto.SHA3_512       The SHA-3 secure hash algorithm has been added in multiple variants.    + o Standards.X509    -  +  X509 was moved from Tools to Standards and has been refactored and +  bug fixed. It is now possible to extend both validation and creation +  with new cipher and hash algorithms. A range of new algorithms are +  supported for both RSA and DSA: +  +  RSA MD2 +  RSA MD5 +  RSA SHA-1 +  RSA SHA-2-256 +  RSA SHA-2-384 +  RSA SHA-2-512 +  DSA SHA-1 +  DSA SHA-2-224 +  DSA SHA-2-256 +  +  Note that the API has changed compared with Tools.X509 and there is +  now a single make_selfsigned_certificate() method for both RSA and +  DSA, though it takes the same arguments. In addition a hash function +  and serial number can be supplied. The hash function defaults to +  SHA-2-256. +  +    Building and installing   -----------------------      o -fvisibility=hidden is now the default       This means that PMOD_EXPORT is now actually needed on systems like    Linux and MacOSX. It also means that the binary is slightly smaller    and faster.      o clang compilation fixes (bignum overflow checks, misc)