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pike.git/CHANGES:57:    - Forgot to unlock the mc_mutex. This caused all following calls    to Pike.identify_cycle() and Pike.count_memory() to hang.       - Leaked memory.       The above issues are now avoided by instead using the addresses    of objects as indices in the affected mapping. It also fixes    the issue with hangs if there are objects with lfuns calling    Pike.identify_cycle() or Pike.count_memory().    + o Protocols.HTTP.Server +  +  Fix an issue with accounting of sent bytes that caused responses +  to requests over HTTPS to not finish on success, but instead the +  whole connection to time out. Data for the first request was +  usually fully written, but the connection neither was properly +  closed nor re-used. +    o Sql.pgsql       - Fix regression bug since rel 12 that hangs queries returning over 1024    records.       - Fix all rare-deadlock-causes logged in the last two years.      o Stdio.Buffer       Eliminate race condition in read_cstring().