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pike.git/CHANGES:31:    and has a significally improved successrate at encoding modules.      o Less magic hacks    Several Pike modules have been cleaned up from old hacks and    workarounds for problems which now have proper solutions. This    should improve size, performance, dumpability and readability    of the affected code. In addition lots of internal types in Pike    have been tightened up and several more files now use the pragma    strict_types, which has resulted in some additional bugfixes.    - o IPv6 +    o INT64 -  +  On 64 bit architechtures Pike will now use full 64 bits integer +  before resorting to Gmp.mpz objects for large numbers.    -  + o IPv6    -  +    Language additions:   -------------------         New modules / classes / methods added:   --------------------------------------    - o trace() takes another argument to turn on tracing in all threads + o trace() can trace all threads    The configure option --without-thread-trace has been removed, but    instead the trace() function has been extended to make it possible    to set the trace level in all threads simultaneously.      o Regexp.PCRE added to give libpcre support. -  +  Are you a closet-perlet? For those who missed the richer flora of +  regexp syntax that Perl supports, the Perl Compatible Regular +  Expression module is the answer. If you compile libpcre with UTF-8 +  support you will also get transparent wide string support. Several +  convenience functions are also added to the Regexp module to +  enable easier access to regular expressions.    -  + o Crypto/Nettle +  The crypto module has been almost completely rewritten and now +  uses libnettle as backend instead of the built int crypto +  algorithms that Pike had before. This will lead to more active +  development and optimization. The most common hash and cipher +  methods are already written in assembler for several platforms. As +  an example SHA1 is 40% faster than before. +    o _ADT   o ADT.Struct - o Crypto/Nettle +    o Debug.Wrapper   o Geography RT38   o Int   o Pike.Security   o Protocols.HTTP.Session - o Tools.Shoot/Standaone.benchmark + o Tools.Shoot/Standalone.benchmark   o Standalone.cgrep   o Standalone.dump   o Image.NEO   o Bz2   o Process.Process      Optimizations:   --------------      o Instantiation and destruction of pike-classes is now significantly faster.