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pike.git/CHANGES:30:      o Fixed infinite loop that could occur when feeding Image.XBM with    malformed data.   o Added option "file" to Image.PS.decode().   o Image.PS.decode() now reads nonblocking from the pipes.   o Added use of custom backend in Image.PS.   o Fixed bug in a special case of GIF color decoding (bug 3536).      Database related changes in Pike:    + o Added censoring of passwords in database connection arguments +  so that they don't get printed by describe_backtrace.   o In the Sql module, do not show the total row count after a    big_query, if unavilable.   o Don't crash when not sending ssl options to Mysql.   o Fix for case where ODBC tried to write error messages with wide    strings in them.   o Bugfixes for ODBC long fields.   o Added unlocking of the interpreter lock for almost all ODBC    operations. This is needed for simplistic odbc drivers that take    their internal lock for all calls.   o Added more methods to enable the buggy unicode decode support in