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pike.git/CHANGES:31:   -------------      o Lowered startup time by extending encode_value() and MasterCodec so    that master.pike can be precompiled.      o Lowered startup time by reducing the number of MEMSET() calls done    on startup.      o Allow threads while calling SWL_GL_SwapBuffers.    + o Added optimization of has_value() and search() for single-character strings.    -  + o Added optimization when combining two arrays where the second array +  contains a single item. +  +    Bug fixes   ---------      o Fixed casting of floats to strings to again work more like in Pike    7.6 and earlier: The string will always contain either a "." or an    "e" to signify that it is a float, and it will no longer display so    many digits that the binary/decimal conversion errors become    visible.      o Protocols.HTTP.Server.HeaderParser will now discard parts of a