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pike.git/CHANGES:33:    decltype() expression.      o ** operator added. It's exponentiation and works with most    combination of numerical types (int,float,Gmp.mpq,Gmp.mpf,Gmp.mpz)       `** and ``** operator overloading functions added.       This introduces one incompatible change: Previously the "pow"    function called a "_pow" function in the first argument if it was an    object. It has now been changed to also use `** (or, rather, pow() -  is now implemented using ::`**() +  is now implemented using predef::`**()).      o Random rewrite       The random functions have been rewritten to ensure security by    default. random_string() and random() now get their data directly    from the operating system random generator, i.e. /dev/urandom on    most unixen. This is about half the speed compared with the    random_string function in Pike 8.0, but is now as secure as the    system random generator.