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pike.git/CHANGES:11:   o Parser.XML: Added additional validity checks which may be turned on    to get stricter XML parsing.   o Parser.XML: added compatibility wrapper for 7.2 parse_input()   o Parser.XML: can pass compat_allow_errors to XML parser in    simple_parse_input() and parse_input().   o Parser.XML: stricter detection of RXML entities.   o better garbage generation for Remote.   o SSL.sslfile: added wrapper for Stdio.File.is_open().   o Protocols.HTTP.Query: keepalive operation fixed when remote has    closed. + o Protocols.HTTP.Quert: added timed_async_fetch().   o UNDEFINED arguments are better described in backtraces.   o Protocols.DNS: improved support for T_TXT.   o Cache.Policy: made some debug output optional.   o ADT.Relation.Binary: bugfixes, added cast().   o Hilfe: added result formatter for binary, octal and hexadecimal    integers.   o Protocols.LDAP.client: filter value unescaping function complies    more closely to the somewhat peculiar escape method in RFC 1960.   o Protocols.LDAP.client: The paged result control should be optional    in the first search query and critical in the rest, not the other