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pike.git/CHANGES:1: - Changes since Pike 7.6.98 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -  - Other: -  - o Upgraded bundled GMP from 4.2 to 4.2.1 -  - Build Fixes: -  - o Fixed libnettle bundle compilation on win32. -  -  +    Changes since Pike 7.6.86   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Changes in Pike:      o Added conversion from Gmp.mpz objects to Gmp.bignum when cast to int.   o Added timeout to Image.PS. Now kills the ghostscript process if it    hasn't returned after 30s.   o Added GL 1.2 and 1.3 constants.   o Added possibility to set offset and stride when creating textures from
pike.git/CHANGES:74:    place, but used to fail silently, so this is better. This has been    fixed in 7.7 by using another heap manager, but it has not been    decided if it should be be backported.   o Adjusted array growth policy in array_insert to double the size    instead of growing with approximately one eighth of the size. This to    ensure O(1) time complexity and lessen fragmentation. (This affects    ADT.Sequence._insert_element and ADT.CircularList._insert_element.)   o Fixed support for UnixODBC.   o Made IA32 machine code compatible with Darwin IA32 ABI. Enabled    machine code for Darwin. + o Upgraded bundled GMP from 4.2 to 4.2.1      Build fixes:      o Support GNU Java (GCJ)   o Did away with the use of the undocumented internal MS win32 CRT    functions __loctotime_t and __dtoxmode.   o Fixed typo that caused the configure script to search for lots of    nonapplicable include dirs on windows.   o Backported new INT_TYPE_{ADD,NEG}_OVERFLOW implementation from 7.7.    The old one does not work with GCC 4.1.   o Fixed problem where mysql_character_set_name exists in mysql.h but    not in the lib for some old mysql clients.   o Fixed epoll support to not require /dev/epoll on Linux. That means    epoll will be enabled all mainstream Linux distributions running on a    2.6 kernel. If for some reason you want to disable it use    --without-epoll.   o Added Objective C support to the module build system. -  + o Fixed libnettle bundle compilation on win32.         Changes since Pike 7.6.66   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Changes in Pike:      o Added support for "100 Continue" to Protocols.HTTP.Server.   o Fixed Keep alive issues in Protocols.HTTP.Server.   o Fixed SSL.sslfile to ensure that a read callback gets a call if it's