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pike.git/CHANGES:709:      o Parser.XML.Tree       The module code has been refactored and a second "simple" interface    has been added. The (new) SimpleNode interface implements a node tree    interface similar to the (old) Node interface, with two major    differences:       - The SimpleNodes do not have parent pointers, this means that they    do not generate cyclic data structures (and thus less garbage, and -  no need for zap_tree()), but also that it is not possible to find -  the root of a tree from any node in the tree. +  no need for zap_tree()), but also that it is no longer possible to +  find the root of a tree from any node in the tree.       - Some methods in SimpleNode return different values than the    corresponding method in Node; notably SimpleNode()->add_child(),    which returns the current node rather than the argument.       The refactoring also added individual classes for all of the XML node    types (both for Nodes and for SimpleNodes). This allows for stricter    typing of code involving XML tree manipulation.       The module now also has a much better knowledge of DTDs and DOCTYPEs.
pike.git/CHANGES:913:    needed to complete rsql queries.       - Added streaming_query() method to Sql objects which enables larger    result sets than available memory.       - It is possible to iterate over the result object from big_query()    queries directly in foreach.       - Support UNDEFINED to designate NULL in emulated bindings.    -  - Support for ODBC DSN files. FIXME: Example from grubba? +  - Support for ODBC DSN files.       Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("dsn://user:pass@host/database");    -  - Support for the TDS protocol, used by Sybase and Microsoft SQL -  server. +  - Some native support for the TDS protocol, used by Sybase and +  Microsoft SQL server.       Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("tds://user:pass@host/database");       - Support for the SQLite database added. A raw interface is -  available through the SQLite module. FIXME: Syntax? +  available through the SQLite module.    -  Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("sqlite://path/to/file"); +  Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("sqlite://relative/path/to/file"); +  Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("sqlite:///absolute/path/to/file");       - Sql.pgsql. New driver for native PostgreSQL network protocol support.    It implements a superset of the existing Postgres driver.    Current features: no library dependencies (no libpq), native binding    support, streaming support, NOTIFY/LISTEN support (fully eventdriven,    no polling), binary support for integer, float and string datatypes    through big_typed_query(), native support for 64-bit ints and doubles,    COPY FROM/TO STDIN/STDOUT support, multiple simultaneous streaming    queries on the same connection (i.e. multiple PostgreSQL-portal-    support), automatic precompilation and caching of often-used
pike.git/CHANGES:993:   o Standards.UUID       - Added support for UUID version 5; name based with SHA hash, which    can be generated from the make_version5 function.       - An UUID object can now be used as namespace in the second argument    to make_version3 as well as the new make_version5.      o Standards.XML.Wix    -  FIXME +  - Updated to support a more recent version of the Wix tool chain.    -  +  - Improved generation of 8.3-style filenames. +  +  - Added support for Shortcut and IniFile-nodes. +  +  - Added support for overriding the language and installer version. +  +  - Improved support for TTF-files. +    o Stdio       - Stdio.cp can now work recursively in a directory tree. It will    also keep the permissions of files it copies.       - Added Stdio.recursive_mv which works on every OS and also when the    destination isn't on the same filesystem as the source.       - Added more symbolc default termcap/terminfo bindings to    Stdio.Readline.