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pike.git/CHANGES:1:    + Changes in Pike 7.4.XX: + ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +  + o Symbolic constants for status codes in Protocols.HTTP. + o Don't crash when decoding broken maker specific data in +  Standards.EXIF. + o Fixed off-by-one bugs that could occur for the innermost line in +  backtraces when machine code is used. + o make.conf is now not used. + o Fixed "Illegal program pointer." error. + o Fixed spurious "Must return a value for a non-void function." +  errors. + o Fixed bug in argument checking that could cause segfaults when some +  C level functions that expect arguments were called without any. + o Renamed symbols that are keywords in C99. + o Fix to compile with FreeType >= 2.1.6. + o Added test to detect broken libtiff. + o Bugfixed test to detect broken GTK. +    Changes in Pike 7.4.44:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      o Added Memory.shmat on Windows.   o Fixed bug in Function.defined.   o Mac OS X poll() fixes.   o Better optimization on Mac OS X on PPC G3 and newer.   o Bugfix to avoid reading zero bytes from a file to block on Windows.   o Bugfix to prevent races if Image.Font.load() is called in several    threads.