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pike.git/CHANGES:43:   o Fixed hour formatting in Calendar.Time.format_smtp().   o Fixed TTL parsing of SRV records in Protocols.DNS.   o Fixed an inverted error test in Mysql.set_charset.   o Added support to Mysql for the charsetnr column attribute and proper    recognition of binary fields in unicode decode mode by using charsetnr    instead of the binary flag (which might be set for nonbinary columns    too, e.g. "VARCHAR(17) BINARY").       Unfortunately this means that unicode decode mode is disabled if    Pike is compiled with a client lib without support for the charsetnr -  attribute. That means libs before 4.1.0. If you want to enable it +  attribute. Ie libmysql prior to v4.1.0. If you want to enable it    for compatibility reasons, set the environment variable    PIKE_BROKEN_MYSQL_UNICODE_MODE when starting pike.      Other:      o Improved Valgrind support.   o Now checks the return code from win32 VirtualProtect. This breaks    assembler optimized builds on Windows. It never worked in the first    place, but used to fail silently, so this is better. This has been    fixed in 7.7 by using another heap manager, but it has not been