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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 8.0.1116 (release 14)   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New Features   ------------    - o decode_value can be called with codec -1, which disables decoding of + o Calendar +  +  Updated to use tzdata2021e. +  + o Parser.XML.Tree +  +  Added set_text() to update the contents of a text node. +  + o Sql.Sql +  +  Add query_db() to API. +  + o SSL.SSLFile +  +  Add {query,set}_timeout(). This adds an API to set an optional timeout to be +  used for blocking operations. When the timeout expires it is handled as if +  the peer sent a fatal internal error alert. +  + o Standards.PEM +  +  Added helper methods, including: get_certificates() , get_private_keys(), +  get_private_key() and decrypt_fragment(). +  + o Runtime and EFUNS +  +  - describe_backtrace() now reports cpu time --with-profiling. +  - decode_value can be called with codec -1, which disables decoding of    functions, objects, programs and types.      Bug Fixes   ---------      o crypt       Fixed a bug which caused crypt() with a random salt to sometimes return    "*0" instead of an encrypted password.      o Concurrent       - The future generated by ->timeout() would not necessarily resolve with    the fullfilled or rejected values if the original Promise/Future was    resolved or rejected before hitting the timeout.    - If the original promise resolves or rejects, we now attempt to    unschedule the timeout call_out from the backend we scheduled it in,    not the one (now) configured in the Future.    -  + o Critbit +  - Fix a number of memory and behavior errors. +    o Inotify       add_watch() now returns -1 for filsystem-related failures    that may be due to the filsystem being in flux.      o Image.BMP       Improved size check better detects malformed BMP images.      o Image.GIF
pike.git/CHANGES:83:    Guard alloca() allocations with check_c_stack().      o Image.XCF       Fixed to properly initialize the layer mask structure.      o Image.XWD       Improved size check better detects malformed XWD images.    + o Protocols.LDAP.client +  +  LDAP connections secured with TLS/SSL now timeout if the server does not +  respond within 10 seconds. +  + o Sql.pgsql +  +  Numerous bug fixes. +    Building & Tools   ----------------      o Improved check for stack direction to also report correct results when    compiling with Clang 11.      o _TIME_BITS is now set to 64, to get a 64-bit time_t on 32-bit systems    running glibc 2.34 or newer.    -  + o Improvements to building and installer code signing on macOS.    -  + o Fixes to better support building with future versions of GNU make. +  + o Use updated FFI API in Java module, to better support recent libffi. +  +    Changes since Pike 8.0.702 (release 13)   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New Features   ------------      o Core       - Added "->?" as the safe indexing variant of "->".