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pike.git/CHANGES:688:       - Fixed crash bug.      o Parser.XML.Simple       - The autoconvert() function, used to autodetect the character    encoding of an XML file and decode it, has been moved from being a    method of the Parser.XML.Simple object to being a function in the    Parser.XML module.    -  FIXME -  Several correctness fixes. -  Added Simple.Context -  +    o Parser.XML.SloppyDOM       Yet another DOM-like module aimed at quickly and conveniently parse    an xml snippet (or whole document) to access its parts. Nodes can be    selected using a subset of XPath.       Footnote: This module was previously part of Roxen WebServer.      o Parser.XML.Tree   
pike.git/CHANGES:720:    find the root of a tree from any node in the tree.       - Some methods in SimpleNode return different values than the    corresponding method in Node; notably SimpleNode()->add_child(),    which returns the current node rather than the argument.       The refactoring also added individual classes for all of the XML node    types (both for Nodes and for SimpleNodes). This allows for stricter    typing of code involving XML tree manipulation.    +  Several new functions added to manipulate and insert nodes in the +  XML tree. +     The module now also has a much better knowledge of DTDs and DOCTYPEs.    -  FIXME: Rewrite -  Added functions to insert new child nodes. -  Moved parser code into the nodes allowing for extendability. -  set_tag_name() -  AbstractSimpleNode, VirtualNode, SimpleNode. -  Node.zap_tree -  +    o Postgres    -  FIXME: Rewrite -  Added affected_rows. -  Made big_query() streaming. -  Added streaming_query() alias to indicate support. -  Support bindings natively on big_query(). -  Automatic binary or text transfer for queryarguments and resultrows. -  Fix race conditions. +  - Extended the SQL query interface to include affected_rows() and +  streaming_query() as well as variable bindings.    -  +  - Automatic binary or text transfer for queryarguments and resultrows. +    o Pike       - A new function count_memory() has been added which can calculate    the memory consumed by arbitrary data structures. Useful when    implementing memory caches.       - A new function get_runtime_info() has been added which returns    information about current ABI, if automatic bignums are enabled,    what bytecode method is used, the size of native floats and    integers and the native byte order.
pike.git/CHANGES:957:       Support for this driver is indicated by PostgresNative appearing    in the featurelist, and since it has no library or OS dependencies,    it will always be available.       This driver serves URLs of the form:    pgsql:// (plain) and pgsqls:// (SSL).    In case the old Postgres driver is disabled, this driver takes    over postgres:// transparently as well.    -  FIXME: mysql -  +    o SSL       FIXME: client certificates: examples?      o Standards.IIM       Some bugfixes in parsing Photoshop headers and DOS EPS Binary    Headers.      o Standards.ISO639_2
pike.git/CHANGES:1066:       - Added support for tab-completion on modules, global and local    symbols and operators.       - Added support for file/directory completion within strings       - Added doc command and F1 key to print documentation on an item if    available (currently only works for modules and classes written in    pike).    - o Tools + o Tools.Standalone    -  FIXME +  - "pike -x cgrep" now tries to parse Java code.    -  +  - "pike -x features" now tests for several more features. +    o Web.Crawler       - Bugfix to support robots.txt created on windows.       - User Agent change to "Mozilla 4.0 (PikeCrawler)"      o Web.RDF       - Added add_statement() method which allows new relations to be    added to an RDF set.
pike.git/CHANGES:1107:       A simple doubly linked list of values.       ADT.List l = ADT.List(1, 2, 3);    l->insert(-1, 0);    l->append(4, 5);    foreach(l; int index; int value) {    werror(" %d: value: %d\n", index, value);    }    - o ADT.Trie -  -  FIXME -  +    o ADT.Set       ADT.Set implements a datatype for sets. These sets behave much    like multisets, except that they are restricted to containing only    one instance of each member value.       From a performance viewpoint, it is probably more efficient for a    Pike program to use mappings to serve as sets, rather than using an    ADT.Set, so ADT.Set is mainly provided for the sake of completeness    and code readability.
pike.git/CHANGES:1357:    "inherit_level" has been added to many object indexing related    functions.      o .cmod:       Voidable pointer types are no longer promoted to mixed.      o Support for class symbols with storage in parent scope.    Also added support for aliased symbols.    - o Machine code backend for PPC64 FIXME + o Machine code backend for PPC64    - o Objectiv-C embedding framwork FIXME +  - Machine code generation is now supported for PowerPC in +  64-bit ABI mode.    -  + o Objectiv-C embedding framwork +  +  - Experimental support for interfacing with Objective-C code +  has been added. +  +  NOTE! This API is experimental and is subject to change +  NOTE! without notice. +    o Added %c and %C to get_all_args to get char * without    NUL characters (no 0 valued characters inside the string).       %c: char * Only narrow (8 bit) strings without NUL.    This is identical to %s.       %C: char * or NULL Only narrow (8 bit) strings without NUL, or 0         Building and installing
pike.git/CHANGES:1397:   o Added ABI selection.       It's now possible to select whether to compile in 32bit or 64bit    mode at configure time by using the --with-abi option.      o MinGW builds.       It's now possible to build Pike in MinGW on windows computers from    source distributions.    + o Cmod precompiler.    -  +  - The cmod precompiler (pike -x precompile) now supports declaring +  all autogenerated identifiers as static. +  +  NOTE! C-API incompatibility! +  NOTE! As a side effect of this change, the DECLARATIONS statement +  NOTE! now required in cmod files. +  +    New simplified method to write external C/C++ modules   -----------------------------------------------------       It's now suggested that you do not use the fairly complex 'pike    internal' style of external modules (configure.in with    AC_MODULE_INIT etc).       It's also no longer required that you have a configure script to use    pike -x module.   
pike.git/CHANGES:1438:    |    | Spike.c: Spike.cmod    | $(PIKE) -x precompile $< > $@       It's usually OK not to use pike -x module at all, but it will pass    on a few extra variables to your make (and configure script):       PIKE: How to start the pike interpreter used running pike -x module    MODULE_INSTALL_DIR: Where modules goes    LOCAL_MODULE_PATH: Alternative (user local) module location -  -  - -------------------- NOTES------------ -  - 2004/04/26 00:13:30 -  -  - ---- -  - -x test_pike -  - libpike.so -  - valgrind_hilfe and valgrind_just_verify -  - New malloc on Windows. (Optimization, hence should not be mentioned - according to the first paragraph in this file. /mast) +