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pike.git/CHANGES:101:       Provides a method to hook into the type checker, so that it is    possible to make custom type checking.      o Stricter typing of strings.       The string type may now have an (optional) value range. Example:       string(0..255) bytes;    - o Stdio.* + o Stdio    -  Stdio.cp can now work recursively in a directory tree. -  Stdio.cp now keeps permissions when copying. -  Added Stdio.recursive_mv which works on every OS and also when the +  - Stdio.cp can now work recursively in a directory tree. It will +  also keep the permissions of files it copies. +  +  - Added Stdio.recursive_mv which works on every OS and also when the    destination isn't on the same filesystem as the source.    -  +  - Added more symbolc default termcap/terminfo bindings to +  Stdio.Readline. +  +  - Improved support for Terminfo on NetBSD. +  +  - read_file(), read_bytes(), write_file() and append_file() will may +  now throw exceptions on uncommon errors such as when write_file is +  unable to write all its data. +  +  - Stdio.File->openat() opens a file relative to an open directory. +    o Prepared for having multiple different active backend implementations.    ...    The global variable next_timeout is no more. It has been replaced by    a backend-specific variable. Added backend_lower_timeout() for accessing    the new variable. This fixes issues GTK, GTK2 and sendfile had with the    new backend implementation.       NOTE!    NOTE! C-API incompatibility!    NOTE!
pike.git/CHANGES:475:   o Mysql       Unicode support. FIXME: Document in more detail. C.f. check-in 1.25    of lib/modules/Sql.pmod/mysql.pike.      o Odbc       FIXME: Rewrite    Now supports UnixODBC properly.    Fixed various issues with Unicode. -  create_dsn() -  FreeTDS fixes + x FreeTDS fixes      o Oracle       FIXME:    Works with Oracle 10    added num_rows()      o Parser.HTML       FIXME
pike.git/CHANGES:656:       - If ENABLE_SPAWN_RSQLD is defined, rsqld will be spawned when    needed to complete rsql queries.       - Added streaming_query() method to Sql objects which enables larger    result sets than available memory.       - It is possible to iterate over the result object from big_query()    queries directly in foreach.    +  - Support for ODBC DSN files. FIXME: Example from grubba? +  +  Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("dsn://user:pass@host/database"); +  +  - Support for the TDS protocol, used by Sybase and Microsoft SQL +  server. +  +  Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("tds://user:pass@host/database"); +  +  - Support for the SQLite database added. A raw interface is +  available throug hthe SQLite module. FIXME: Syntax? +  +  Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("sqlite://path/to/file"); +     FIXME: mysql      o SSL       FIXME: client certificates: examples?      o Standards.IIM       Some bugfixes in parsing Photoshop headers and DOS EPS Binary    Headers.
pike.git/CHANGES:695:    - Added support for UUID version 5; name based with SHA hash, which    can be generated from the make_version5 function.       - An UUID object can now be used as namespace in the second argument    to make_version3 as well as the new make_version5.      o Standards.XML.Wix       FIXME    - o Stdio -  -  (module.pmod, Readline, Terminfo) FIXME -  +    o String       - The function int2size has been rewritten to fixpoint as well as    using the more common abbreviation of "B" for byte.      o System       FIXME       resolvepath() enabled on more OSes and falls back to realpath(3C) if
pike.git/CHANGES:870:    TagRemoveParserHTML, TagRemovePCRE, TagRemoveSearch and    TagRemoveSscanf measure different methods of completing the same    task; to remove XML tags from a string.      o Web.CGI       Provides a CGI interface on the callee side. Retrieves information    from environment variables and populates the variables in the    Request object.    - New lib: - Protocols.LDAP module.pmod - Sql.Sql dsn -  sqlite -  sql_array_result -  sql_object_result -  tds - -x test_pike +     - New src: - embed/libpike - tmodule - Fuse - Protocols.DNS_SD - Charset gb18030 -  gbk - GTK2 - SQLite + Deprecations    -  + o The keyword nomask has been deprecated. It was functionally +  equivivalent with the keyword final. +  + o Stdio.File->set_peek_file_before_read_callback() is deprecated. +    Incompatible changes       These incompatible changes can be solved by adding #pike 7.6 to your    source file or starting Pike with -V7.6.      o Array.transpose_old       This function has been removed.      o _Charset
pike.git/CHANGES:983:      fixme:   Process.locate_binary      __deprecated__      ----   modules/_Charset       + New lib: + Protocols.LDAP module.pmod + -x test_pike +  + New src: + embed/libpike + tmodule + Fuse + Protocols.DNS_SD + Charset gb18030 +  gbk + GTK2 + SQLite +  +    src:   CommonLog: fixed sign bug   files: FIXME   Gettext: lots of build fixes   gmp: FIXME   java: FIXME   mysql: FIXME