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pike.git/CHANGES:72:    --without-threads.      o Regexp.PCRE: Do not match the empty string past the end of the input.      o Reduced the risk of throwing out-of-stack errors while formatting an    out-of-stack backtrace.      o Fixed bug that would cause sprintf's %nH to refuse all strings as too    long for some values of "n" on some architectures.    + o Made Process.search_path() aware if Win32 and AmigaOS specifics.    -  +    Optimizations   -------------      o Fixed Filesystem._Tar.ReadFile to not gobble the whole tar entries    into memory at once.      o Improve performance of get_cpu_time() on OS X by avoiding a kernel    trap to get the ID of the underlying system thread.      o Throttle calls to task_info() on OS X since they are quite
pike.git/CHANGES:122:      o Changed handling of POLLHUP for poll devices, it is now signalled on    all of the callbacks.      o Updated timezone data to tzdata2009c.      o Added some support for the TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL datatypes to    Oracle module.       +    New modules / classes / methods added   -------------------------------------      o Protocols.IPv6       Support for the IPv6 protocol. This currently only contains tools to    parse and normalize addresses. (Not much more is necessary since the    usual I/O interfaces support IPv6 as-is.)      o Added Filesystem._Tar.extract to be able to extract many/all files    in a reasonably efficient way.      o Added Parser.Tabular    It provides a flexible yet concise record-description language to parse    character/column/delimiter-organised records.      o Calendar.YMD.http_time() that knows how to handle dates according to    HTTP 1.1 (RFC 2616).    -  + o Added support for GTK2 get_window() and get_pixmap().    -  +    Building and installing   -----------------------      o Use the #-character as prefix and suffix for placeholders in    master.pike.in instead of the currency sign, to avoid 8-bit character    encoding issues.      o Improved support for version bumping via both Subversion and git.      o A recent stable Pike (7.8.116+) is now required to do a "make