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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 8.0.466 (release 10)   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New Features   ------------      Bug fixes   ---------    + o Stdio.Buffer    -  +  - Some methods (add_int*, input_from, add_padding) did not trigger +  a call to the fd output function. When using an Stdio.Buffer instance +  in Stdio.File buffer mode, this could result in new data not being +  written.    -  +  - Due to an error in the realloc strategy, in some cases unread() did +  not succeed after reading or writing data to a fd. +  +    Changes since Pike 8.0.438 (release 9)   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New Features   ------------      o Concurrent       The Concurrent module simplifies asynchronous code by synchronizing    events in different ways. As an example the connect() function shown