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pike.git/CHANGES:106:    Random.Deterministic rnd = Random.Deterministic( seed );    add_constant( "random_string", rnd->random_string );    add_constant( "random", rnd->random );         Incompatible changes   --------------------      o Gz.crc32 now only returns positive results.    + o glob() has changed.    -  +  The main incompatibilities are that [ and \ are now special +  characters in the pattern, and if you check the return value against +  1 instead of checking if it's true, and use an array as the first +  argument you will have to change your code. +  +  This is in order to extend the glob function to cover what +  'standard' glob functions do: +  +  glob() now accepts quotes (\* to match a single *, as an example) +  and handles ranges ([abc] for a, b or c, [a-z0-9] for a single +  character between a and z or 0-9 +  +  You can also negate a range using ^ or ! ([^a-zA-Z] as an example). +  +  When the first argument (the pattern) to glob is an array, glob now +  returns which pattern in the array matched. +  +    Deprecated symbols and modules   ------------------------------      o Sql.mysql_result and Sql.mysqls_result have been deprecated.    Use Sql.Result instead.         Removed features and modules   ----------------------------