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pike.git/CHANGES:490:   C-level API changes   -------------------      o The contract for functions is now changed so that a function is no    longer required to clean the stack. The topmost value of the stack    will be regarded as the return value and the rest of the items on    the stack, compared to before the function arguments were pushed,    will be popped and discarded. Efuns still have to clean their stack    as previously.    + o Object destructor callbacks may now run during pop_stack() and +  pop_n_elems(). This means that code must be prepared for arbitrary +  state changes after having called them. +    o Removed add_function, pike_add_function, pike_add_function2,    simple_add_variable, map_variable and MAP_VARIABLE. This removes the    remaining few API:s where text types were used. Use ADD_FUNCTION and    PIKE_MAP_VARIABLE instead.      o Removed the functions my_rand and my_srand. Use the random functions    on the stack for _random lfuns, the push_random_string or look up    the random function from get_builtin_constants(). For deterministic    pseudo random, create a private Random.Deterministic object.   
pike.git/CHANGES:515:   o The gdb_backtraces() function is now available also --without-debug.      o There's now support to block mapping hashtables from being shrunk    on map_delete().      o guaranteed_memset() is replaced with secure_zero() which fills a    buffer with zero. On x86 SSE2 is used to zero the memory without    loading it into the CPU cache, as this function is typically used    before calling free() on memory with cryptographic key data.    + o The GC marker hash table has been removed. For types which require +  GC markers, they are now allocated as part of the data type. Such +  structures must now start with GC_MARKER_MEMBERS (which includes +  eg the refs field). See "gc_header.h" for details.    -  +  This change significantly improves GC performance (up to a factor +  of 2 in some situations). +  +    Documentation   -------------      o RFC references added.      o Character encoding issues fixed.      o Added @enum/@endenum markup.      o Support undocumented enums with documented constants.
pike.git/CHANGES:537:      Building and installing   -----------------------      o GMP 4.1 or later is now required.      o C99 assumed       The configure tests will not check for functions defined in C99    anymore and C99 compiler support is assumed. -  - Optimizations - ------------- -  - o Removed the GC marker hash table. For types which require GC markers, -  they are now allocated as parf of the data type. This significantly -  improves GC performance ( up to a factor if 2 in some situations ). +