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pike.git/CHANGES:1036:       - Stdio.cp can now work recursively in a directory tree. It will    also keep the permissions of files it copies.       - Added Stdio.recursive_mv which works on every OS and also when the    destination isn't on the same filesystem as the source.       - Added more symbolc default termcap/terminfo bindings to    Stdio.Readline.    -  - Improved support for Terminfo on NetBSD. +  - Improved support for Stdio.Terminfo on NetBSD.       - read_file(), read_bytes(), write_file() and append_file() will may    now throw exceptions on uncommon errors such as when write_file is    unable to write all its data.       - Stdio.File->openat(), statat() and unlinkat() opens, stats and    removes a file or directory relative to an open directory.       - Stdio.FILE->unread() allows pushing back binary strings into the    input stream, as opposed to ungets() which pushes back lines.