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pike.git/CHANGES:369:    This module contains special values used by various modules, e.g.    a Val.null value used both by Sql and Standards.JSON.       In many ways these values should be considered constant, but it is    possible for a program to replace them with extended versions,    provided they don't break the behavior of the base classes defined    here. Since there is no good mechanism to handle such extending in    several steps, pike libraries should preferably ensure that the    base classes defined here provide required functionality directly.    - -- UNSORTED + Extensions and new functions + ----------------------------    - o SDL.Music added to SDL. -  Allows the playback of audio/music files. -  Requires the SDL_mixed library. + o Bz2.File    - o Bz2.File("path"), line_iterator +  Bz2.File now supports the same iterator API as Stdio.File, allowing +  for convenient line iterations over BZ2 compressed files.    -  +  foreach( Bz2.File("log.bz2")->line_iterator(); int n; string line ) +    o Crypto.CAMELLIA    -  +  The 128/256 bit cipher CAMELLIA is now availble as block cipher in +  Crypto. In addition the following cipher suites have been added to +  SSL. +  +  TLS_rsa_with_camellia_128_cbc_sha +  TLS_dhe_dss_with_camellia_128_cbc_sha +  TLS_dhe_rsa_with_camellia_128_cbc_sha +  TLS_rsa_with_camellia_256_cbc_sha +  TLS_dhe_dss_with_camellia_256_cbc_sha +  TLS_dhe_rsa_with_camellia_256_cbc_sha +  + o String.Buffer +  +  String.Buffer can now add the storage from a different String.Buffer +  object with the add() method. +  +  It is possible to add sprintf-formatted data to a String.Buffer +  object by claling the sprintf() method. This function works just as +  the normal sprintf(), but writes to the buffer instead. +  +  The new method addat() allows for writing into the buffer at any +  position. +  + o SDL.Music added to SDL. +  Allows the playback of audio/music files. +  Requires the SDL_mixed library. +    o System.TM    Low-level wrapper for struct tm.       This can be used to do (very) simple calendar operations. It is,    as it stands, not 100% correct unless the local time is set to    GMT, and does mirror functionality already available in gmtime()    and localtime() and friends, but in a (perhaps) easier to use API.      o decode_value now throws the error object Error.DecodeError.    Useful to catch format errors in the decode string.
pike.git/CHANGES:403:       Uses the new _object_size lfun, if present in objects, to account    for RAM-usage in C-objects that allocate their own memory.      o Mysql - Support more modern client libraries (incl. MariaDB)      o Standards.PEM: Added some support for encrypted PEM files      o Nettle refactored    - o String.Buffer -  + Added buffer->add(buffer) support -  + Added buffer->sprintf() -  + Added adat() -  +    o pike -x benchmark output format changed    Also added support for JSON output.    There has also been attempts to get the timing more predicable.    Added options to allow comparison with a previous run      o Protocols.DNS    + Prevent endless loops in maliciously crafted domain names.    + Add QTYPE T_ANY to DNS enum EntryType in DNS.pmod.    + Handle truncated labels    + TCP client and server support