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pike.git/CHANGES:99:    typechecker are also made available as Pike.get_first_arg_type(),    Pike.low_check_call() and Pike.get_return_type().      o Stricter typing of strings.       The string type may now have an optional value range.       string(0..255) bytes;      o Support for having multiple different active backend implementations. -  FIXME: example? +     -  FIXME: poll/epoll, PollDeviceBackend, PollBackend, SelectBackend, -  DefaultBackend, SmallBackend +  In Pike 7.6 and earlier, there could only be one active backend +  implementation at a time, which was the one selected for best +  performance with lots of files (cf Pike.Backend below). This led +  to problems when pike attempted to run poll device based backends +  on older versions of operating systems where poll devices aren't +  available, and with extra overhead when the backend was only used +  with a very small set of files.    -  +  Basic backend implementations: +  +  - Pike.PollDeviceBackend +  This is a backend that is implemented based on keeping the state in +  the operating system kernel and thus eliminating the need to send the +  state in every system call. This is however not available on all +  operating systems. Currently supported are /dev/poll (Solaris, etc), +  epoll(2) (Linux) and kqueue(2) (FreeBSD, MacOS X). +  +  - Pike.PollBackend +  This is a backend that is implemented based on the poll(2) system call. +  This is typically available on all System V or Linux based systems. +  +  - Pike.SelectBackend +  This is a backend that is implmented based on the BSD select(2) system +  call. This is supported on all operating systems. +  +  Derived backend implementations: +  +  - Pike.Backend +  This is the backend selected among the basic backend implementations, +  which is likely to have the best performance when there are lots of +  files in the backend. +  +  - Pike.SmallBackend +  This is the backend selected among the basic backend implementations, +  which is likely to have the best performance when there are very few +  files in the backend. +  +  Note that there is also a default backend object: +  +  - Pike.DefaultBackend +  This is the Pike.Backend object that is used if no other backend +  object has been specified. +    o cpp       The preprocessor now supports macro expansion in the #include and #string    directives.       #include USER_SETTINGS      o Destruct reason passed to lfun::destroy.       lfun::destroy now receives an integer flag that tells why the object    is being destructed, e.g. if it was an explicit call to destroy(),    running out of references, or reaped by the garbage collector.       These integers are defined in the new Object module as -  DESCTRUCT_EXPLICIT, DESTRUCT_NO_REFS, DESTRUCT_GC and +  DESTRUCT_EXPLICIT, DESTRUCT_NO_REFS, DESTRUCT_GC and    DESTRUCT_CLEANUP.      o Improved support for mixin.       The Pike compiler now supports mixin for symbols that have been    declared static.       FIXME: Explain in one or two sentences what a mixin is and what it's    good for.   
pike.git/CHANGES:207:    (1) Result: scope(0,function(string : int) |    function(__attribute__("sprintf_format", string),    __attribute__("sprintf_args", mixed) ... : int) |    function(array(string), mixed ... : int))      o __func__       The symbol __func__ now evaluates to the name of the current    function. Note that this name currently can differ from the    declared name in case of local functions (ie lambdas). Note -  also that __func__ behaves like a litteral string, so implicit +  also that __func__ behaves like a literal string, so implicit    string concatenation is supported. eg:       error("Error in " __func__ ".\n");      o __DIR__       __DIR__ is a new preprocessor symbol that resolves to the directory    that the current file is placed in. Similar to how __FILE__ points    out the file the code is placed in.   
pike.git/CHANGES:986:    REAL_TIME_IMPLEMENTATION constants to singal the system    capabilities.      o Tools.Hilfe       - Added support for tab-completion on modules, global and local    symbols and operators.       - Added support for file/directory completion within strings    -  - Added doc command and F1 key to print documentation on anitem if +  - Added doc command and F1 key to print documentation on an item if    available (currently only works for modules and classes written in    pike)      o Tools       FIXME      o Web.Crawler       - Bugfix to support robots.txt created on windows.
pike.git/CHANGES:1360:      -x test_pike      DLL for Windows?      libpike.so      valgrind_hilfe and valgrind_just_verify      New malloc on Windows. +  + FIXME: Multiple INVALID above: Return correct UNDEFINED instead of 0 values for NULL values in resultsets. +