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pike.git/CHANGES:27:   o Image.FreeType now selects the hopefully best character map when    loading a font, instead of just picking a random one.   o Fixed a bug that made searching for 8 bit strings in wider strings    fail.   o Fixed fencepost bug on overflow of the sprintf format info stack.   o Fixed bugs in float parsing code, preventing very large positive or    negative floats from being turned into 1.0 or -1.0.   o More robustness has been added to dlinit() and __alldiv(), which    fixes some start up crashes in Microsoft Windows when invoking Pike    with the wrong path. - o set_priority now works on Microsoft Windows. + o Process.create_process()->set_priority now works on Microsoft Windows.   o SDL and GL now compiles, links and works on Microsoft Windows.   o Produce real zeroes and not false function pointers when a local    function with only a prototype is referenced. This was a compatibility    problem; there's code that assumes that false values can't be    function references.   o Fixed GTK issue where the new and old signal callback signature was    randomly used for signals connected with signal_autoconnect(). This    method now always uses the old method while a new method,    signal_autoconnect_new() uses the new interface.   o Added missing GTK methof set_style.