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pike.git/CHANGES:728:    accurate error messages under all circumstances, SSL-support,    SQL-injection protection since it will ignore everything after the    first semicolon terminating the first command in the query, integrated    statistics, _reconnect callback for sessions that use temptables.       Performance tuned, with the helperclass _PGsql.PGsql it currently    is around 21% faster than the old libpq based Postgres driver    for smaller queries; for large bytea blobs and large texts, it    speeds up even more.    +  Support for this driver is indicated by PostgresNative appearing +  in the featurelist, and since it has no library or OS dependencies, +  it will always be available. +     FIXME: mysql      o SSL       FIXME: client certificates: examples?      o Standards.IIM       Some bugfixes in parsing Photoshop headers and DOS EPS Binary    Headers.