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pike.git/CHANGES:35:      o Runtime       - Variant dispatcher       Improved string range checking.       Fixes mismatches due to te lazy string range (ed string(8bit))    exceeding the typed string range (eg string(7bit)) for narrow strings.    + o mkpackage +  +  Support multiple sub-packages with the same name. +  +  Gnu-tar doesn't like being asked to extract the same file multiple +  times from the same tar-file. It claims that the second file doesn't +  exist in the archive. +  +  This can happen when a sub-package has been replaced with a fixed version. +    o Arg & ADT.Struct       Survive use by old (ie 8.0.232) pike binaries.       Roxen 6.0.130 uses a Pike 8.0.232 binary with current modules.      o Protocols.HTTP       - Fixed do_async_proxied_method() losing the timeout during TLS    negotiation.