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pike.git/CHANGES:247:    sorting, and functions like Array.sum did not, this was already a    concern.      o Returning UNDEFINED from `+ and ``+ is not allowed and will cause an    exception.      o RegGetValue(), RegGetKeyNames(), RegGetKeyValues(), openlog(),    syslog() and closelog() have been moved to System.       - New modules - ----------- + New modules and functions + -------------------------    -  + o predef::m_add() +  +  This function adds (as opposed to inserts) an element to a multiset. +    o ADT.Scheduler & ADT.TreeScheduler       These are variants of ADT.Heap where elements typically aren't    removed from the heap.      o Apple.Keychain       Parser for Apple Keychain format files (like the ones in    /System/Library/Keychains/).