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pike.git/CHANGES:23:    running rsif (replace string in file) and pv (the image viewer    you may be familiar with from Tools.PV).      o unbug    Embryo of a Pike debugger. Not stable nor finished.      o Unicode 3.2.0    All charts have been updated to Unicode 3.2.0. This applies both to    the Unicode module as well as to Pike-global functionality such as    upper_case/lower_case. unicode_to_string() also has support for -  surrogate and byteorder make handling. +  surrogate and byteorder mark handling.      o Extended random()    random() now works on floats, arrays, multisets, mappings and    objects in addition to integers.      o delay()/sleep()    sleep() no longer busywaits, which it previously did for small    values. The old behavior is available from the delay() function.    (This has change been made in later 7.2 releases too.)   
pike.git/CHANGES:558:      o Protocols.LDAP.client    The return code from all methods was changed to follow Pike's    logic better. 0 is now a failure. The old behavior is emulated in    a compatibility layer.      o dirname    Now correctly returns a directory instead of just stripping the    part after the nearest directory separator.    + o default_yp_domain +  The EFUN default_yp_domain is now only available as +  Yp.default_domain. +    o LR -  LR has been moved to Parser.LR and the API has been changed. -  FIXME: More about this? +  LR has been moved to Parser.LR and the API has been changed +  slightly to conform to current API practice, e.g. regarding casing +  of symbols.      o wmml documentation removed    Use the documentation in the refdoc directory instead.      o .build_lobotomize_crypto removed    Use the Makefile target lobotomize_crypto to lobotomize Pike.    Should preferably be executed in an unused tree straight from CVS.         Compatibility changes without backward compatibility: