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pike.git/CHANGES:134:       void a() { return; }    void b() { return a(); }      o Protocols.DNS now supports encoding and decoding CAA RRs.         Bug fixes   ---------    + o Runtime +  +  The runtime could get confused by PROGRAM_DESTRUCT_IMMEDIATE +  objects having destruct callbacks under some circumstances. +    o Operator functions       Calling operator functions with more than two arguments will now    work correctly for objects, where previously only the first two    objects where added.       When adding arrays, multisets and mappings, UNDEFINED will now    always be ignored. Previously it was only ignored when first in the    argument list, otherwise an exception would be thrown.       The LFUNs will now be called with a consistent number of    arguments. Pike implementations rarely implemented varargs on    operator LFUNs, so this change should address many potential hidden    errors.    -  + o Pike.Backend +  +  Backend callbacks throwing errors could cause backends to +  enter a state where they got stuck throwing "Backend already +  running - cannot reenter.". This was typically triggered via +  the Stdio.sendfile() result callback. +    o Protocols.HTTP.Server       The server module will now read payloads for HTTP PUT requests, just    as any other method. Previously it would stop reading the body and    it was up to the caller to read enough data from the socket and    combine with already read data.       Setting "connection" header in the "extra_heads" to Request object    method response_and_finish() will now control if keep-alive should be    used or not. Otherwise it will be decided by the clients request