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pike.git/CHANGES:185:    - Fix the only known deadlock-cause logged in the last year; happened    (rarely) on multiple parallel queries on a single connection.       - Fix the only known race condition logged in the last year; happened    on some queries that store >32KB data per query.       - Cast integers to floats, when floats are desired.       - Simplify error handling.    +  - Toggle cache_autoprepared_statements default to off; +  turning it on triggers a bug in PostgreSQL sometimes +  that causes spikes in CPU usage of the database. +    o SSL       - When verifying the hostname against the certificate, only accept *    (wildcard) for one level, i.e. *.example.com matches foo.example.com,    but not www.foo.example.com. Previously, all levels were matched.       - No longer accept MD2, MD5, and SHA1 as signature algorithms when    verification is requested. MD2 and MD5 are outright dangerous at    this point, and SHA1 should no longer be very relevant as web    browsers already force CAs for several years to no longer issue any