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pike.git/CHANGES:1: + Changes since Pike 7.6.112 + ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +  + Changes in Pike: +  + o Fixed infinite loop that could occur when feeding Image.XBM with +  malformed data. + o Added option "file" to Image.PS.decode(). + o Image.PS.decode() now reads nonblocking from the pipes. + o Added "Regexp.PCRE.Widestring" to the feature list. + o Added more methods to enable the buggy unicode decode support in +  Mysql.mysql: +  +  * "broken-unicode" as charset to create() or set_charset(). +  +  * set_unicode_decode_mode (-1). +  +  Note that all this only applies when compiling with a mysql client +  lib older than 4.1.0. Otherwise these methods are aliases to +  enabling the normal unicode decode support. This means that no code +  using broken-unicode should rely on the BINARY flag on text fields +  to avoid utf-8 decoding. +  + Build fixes: +  + o Mird: Renamed FDATASYNC() to MIRD_FDATASYNC() to avoid clash with +  NetBSD header-files. +  +    Changes since Pike 7.6.86   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Changes in Pike:      o Updated timezone data files. This includes the recent US DST change.   o Fixed mktime to work better with out of bounds time fields. [bug 4326]   o Fixed support for big endian 64-bit.   o Added conversion from Gmp.mpz objects to Gmp.bignum when cast to int.   o Added support for variable length records to Standards.IIM.