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pike.git/CHANGES:4:   New Features   ------------      o Crypto.Hash.SCRAM       New class to support SCRAM authentication.      o Concurrent       - Add map_with() as an alias to flat_map(). +     - Add a convenience variant to zip(). -  +     - depend() can be used to collect multiple dependencies before finalising    the Promise.      o Debug.find_all_clones()       New convenience function to find all objects that are clones    of a program.      o Sql.pgsql       - Added support for PostgreSQL 10's stronger password authentication    (SCRAM-SHA-256). -  +     - Slightly reduced overhead. -  +     - Support IEEE binary float database-wireformat. -  +     - Support NUMERIC database-wireformat. -  +     - Prevent new queries from starting in the local_backend.      o Sql.Sql       Make big_typed_query() gracefully fallback to big_query().      o SSL.File       Support query_fd() and set_buffer_mode() methods.      o Thread.ResourceCount       New module to allow threadsafe race-condition-free counting of resources.      o Toole.Standalone.check_http       - Allow redirect responses. -  +     - Support --expect option.         Bug fixes   ---------      o Compiler       - Improved variant robustness.   
pike.git/CHANGES:120:    got full.      o Search.Utils       Updated debug string format.      o Sql.pgsql       - Suppress spurious 'File not open' blurts on stderr when the    connection is still pending and we inspect the connection object. +     - Signal EOF early before closing the SQL result portal and thoroughly    cleanup bufcon/stashcount to prevent occasional deadlocks    on asynchronous object destructions. -  +     - Suppress rare "access in destructed object" messages. -  +     - Simplified fundamentally flawed reconnect logic, made failures consistent. -  +     - Repair SSL connect logic. -  +     - Update documentation. -  +     - Repair fetch_row_array(). -  +     - Ensure that all database errors result in exceptions (eventually).      o mktime/System.TM       - Make timezone management consistent (especially UTC handling).       - Fix memory leak in strftime().      o Standards.IIM