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pike.git/CHANGES:421:    used.      o It is no longer possible to compile Pike without libgmp.       Bignums are now a required language feature      o The old low-level 'files' module has been renamed to _Stdio      o The old _PGsql helper module has been removed.    - o 'GTK' is now GTK2, not GTK1 unless the system has no GTK2 support. + o 'GTK' is now GTK2 if GTK2 support is available, earlier it defaulted +  to GTK1 as a preference over GTK2.      o Locale.Charset       The charset module is now available on the top level as 'Charset'      o The ancient syntax for arrays (string * was an alias for    array(string)) has now been removed completely.      o Compatibility for Pike versions before 7.6 is no longer available.