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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 7.6.86   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Changes in Pike:      o Updated timezone data files. This includes the recent US DST change. + o Fixed mktime to work better with out of bounds time fields. [bug 4326] + o Fixed support for big endian 64-bit.   o Added conversion from Gmp.mpz objects to Gmp.bignum when cast to int.   o Added support for variable length records to Standards.IIM.   o Added timeout to Image.PS. Now kills the ghostscript process if it    hasn't returned after 30s.   o Added GL 1.2 and 1.3 constants.   o Added possibility to set offset and stride when creating textures from -  memory objects in GL. +  memory objects in GL. (Not currently usable on win32.)   o Fixed CMYK calculation in Image.Image.   o Added adjusted_cmyk to Image.Image and use it when decoding with    Image.PS.   o Now handles more eps images internally in Image.PS without spawning    ghostscript.   o Added Standards.IIM that handles IPTC Information Interchange    Model data in JPEG or Postscript images created with PhotoShop.   o Added support for little endian TIFFs.   o Added support for TIFF to Image.Dims.   o Changed HTTP.Query to close connections explicitly.
pike.git/CHANGES:48:   o Fixed hour formatting in Calendar.Time.format_smtp().   o Fixed TTL parsing of SRV records in Protocols.DNS.   o Fixed fatal "Unknown identifier type" that was caused by attempts    to encode programs that had not been fixated.   o Fixed some events in Calendar.Events.   o Fixed a double free in Shuffler.   o Fixed an inverted error test in Mysql.set_charset.   o Fixed a compilation crash of the Cache module on Pikes wihtout    threads.   o Fixed optimization bug for objects with a value of false. + o Fixed -t (tracing) on win32.   o Added support to Mysql for the charsetnr column attribute and proper    recognition of binary fields in unicode decode mode by using charsetnr    instead of the binary flag (which might be set for nonbinary columns    too, e.g. "VARCHAR(17) BINARY").       Unfortunately this means that unicode decode mode is disabled if    Pike is compiled with a client lib without support for the charsetnr    attribute, i.e. libmysql prior to v4.1.0. If you want to enable it    for compatibility reasons, set the environment variable    PIKE_BROKEN_MYSQL_UNICODE_MODE when starting pike.