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pike.git/CHANGES:1052:    - Stdio.File->openat(), statat() and unlinkat() opens, stats and    removes a file or directory relative to an open directory.       - Stdio.FILE->unread() allows pushing back binary strings into the    input stream, as opposed to ungets() which pushes back lines.       - Stdio.UDP has had enable_multicast(), set_multicast_ttl(),    add_membership() and drop_membership() added to make real    multicast use possible.    -  - Expose system-dependent constants for AF_UNIX, AF_INET and AF_INET6 -  so that callers of open_socket() can force IPv6 mode. -  +    o String       - The function int2size has been rewritten to fixpoint as well as    using the more common abbreviation of "B" for byte.       - String.secure marks a string as "secure" which currently only    means that the memory is cleared before it is freed.      o System