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pike.git/CHANGES:396:    This module contains special values used by various modules, e.g.    a Val.null value used both by Sql and Standards.JSON.       In many ways these values should be considered constant, but it is    possible for a program to replace them with extended versions,    provided they don't break the behavior of the base classes defined    here. Since there is no good mechanism to handle such extending in    several steps, pike libraries should preferably ensure that the    base classes defined here provide required functionality directly.    + o __builtin +  The __builtin module is now a directory module, so that it can provide +  a suitable namespace for code written in Pike intended for being +  inherited from modules written in C (cf precompile).    -  +  +    Extensions and new functions   ----------------------------   o Bz2.File added    It implements a Stdio.File like API, including support for the same    iterator API that Stdio.File has, allowing for convenient line    iterations over BZ2 compressed files.    | foreach( Bz2.File("log.bz2")->line_iterator(); int n; string line )      o Image.JPEG    + decode now supports basic CMYK/YCCK support
pike.git/CHANGES:694:      o SSL now supports TLS 1.0 (SSL 3.1) and TLS 1.1      o Blowfish and Serpent support fixed in Nettle      o Crypto.PGP       Added support for SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 as hash functions.    Expose the used hash and key types in the out data    + o Crypto.ARCTWO +  +  The 1-128 bit cipher ARCTWO is now provided as a block cipher in +  Crypto. This cipher is only intended for compatibility with OLD +  third party code, and should NOT be used for new development. +    o Crypto.CAMELLIA       The 128/256 bit cipher CAMELLIA is now available as block cipher in    Crypto. In addition the following cipher suites have been added to    SSL:       TLS_rsa_with_camellia_128_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_dss_with_camellia_128_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_rsa_with_camellia_128_cbc_sha    TLS_rsa_with_camellia_256_cbc_sha