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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 7.8.352 (third 7.8 release):   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Extensions and New Functions   ----------------------------    + FIXME: Complete to about 1 Apr 2010 +  + o Added module Search. +  FIXME: Needs a couple of paragraphs of description. +  + o ADT.Heap->values and ->num_values can now be overloaded +  FIXME: TOMUCHINFORMATION? +  + o has_prefix now works on objects. +    o Standards.JSON       New module for encoding and decoding JSON data. Implemented in C.      o Protocols.HTTP.Session will no longer override an existing    content-type header in async_do_method_url.      o Updated timezone data to tzdata2009u.      o String.normalize_space       New and efficient C implementation; sanitises whitespace, even in wide    strings.      o String.trim_all_whites    -  Extended to the entire range of Unicode white spaces. +  Extended to the entire range of Unicode white spaces. (And is faster.)      o Protocols.HTTP       Allow directly specifying the body of a POST request (needed for the Google    Apps API).      o Tools.PV and pike -x pv now works with GTK2 as well as GTK.      o Integer constants exported by modules can now be used in cpp expressions.       -  + Optimizations + ------------- +  + o MIME should now use 1/3 less memory when decoding big messages. +  +    Deprecations   ------------      o The libpq based old Postgres driver is now deprecated. The new pgsql    driver is faster, better tested, more stable, maintained, has more    features, does not depend on external libraries and is less filling.         Incompatible changes   --------------------
pike.git/CHANGES:51:       now becomes       int query_tooltip(GTK2.Widget w, int x, int y, int keyboard_tooltip,    GTK2.GObject tooltip, mixed callback_arg)         Bug fixes   ---------    + o Fixed problem with Calendar.month_from_yday() when applied on week +  53. [bug 5303] +  + o Fixed leak in the PNG decoder for images with tRNS chunk. +  + o System.normalize_path no long fails for files with 8-bit chars in +  their names. +    o Support undocumented OS behaviour on out-of-band data returning    EOPNOTSUPP and ECONNRESET when a stream is half closed.    The undocumented behaviour is found on (at least) 2.6.x Linux    and FreeBSD 7.x and 8.x.      o Use nanosleep() when available instead of poll or select hacks for    the Pike-level sleep() function.      o Fixed dangling cache reference in prepared statements when using CREATE    statements via Sql.pgsql.