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pike.git/CHANGES:9:   o Protocols.HTTP.Query now always sends a content-length header.      o Report feature flags for System.FSEvents and System.Inotify.      o Updated Calendar to use timezonedata from tzdata2016c      o Added module Apple.Keychain that can extract certificates.      o Made Standards.X509 aware of more OS specific ways of retriving certificates.    + o JOSE (JSON Object Signing and Encryption)    -  +  Some low-level API support has been added to the Crypto and Web +  modules to support parts of RFC 7515 - 7520. +  +    Bug fixes   ---------      o The machine code generator on ia32 now aligns the stack    on a 16 byte boundary. This makes it possible to call    code that uses SSE2 instructions.      o Exceptions thrown in GTK signal handlers no longer cause    segfaults.