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pike.git/CHANGES:268:    > r->add(5,1);    (4) Result: ADT.Relation.Binary("test")    > r->find_shortest_path(1,5);    (5) Result: ({ /* 4 elements */    1,    2,    3,    5    })    - o Audio.Codec and Audio.Codec -  Contains decoders and encoders for audio. Currently WAV and MP3. + o Audio.Codec and Audio.Format +  Contain decoders/encoders and format parsers for audio. +  Currently WAV and MP3.    Note: The API remains marked "unstable".      o Crypto.md4    Hash used for NT Lanmanager passwords.      o Crypto.crypt_md5    Convenience function to produce crypted $1$ style crypted    passwords (commonly called MD5 passwords).      o Debug.Tracer   o Debug.Subject    Helper classes that helps in understanding what Pike is doing.    -  + o DVB +  Access to DVB (digital sat) resources. Controls tuner, MP2 +  audio and video decoders. Allows extract multiple channels +  at once. +  Note: Only old 0.9.4 DVB API is supported. +    o Locale.Language    FIXME: nilsson?      o Math.Matrix    Methods sum(), max(), min(), convolve() and dot_product() added.      o Math.Transforms    Glue for supporting FFT and iFFT via libfftw and librfftw.      o Math
pike.git/CHANGES:721:      Parser.Python   Parser.RCS   Parser.decode_numeric_xml_entity   Parser.get_xml_parser   Parser.parse_html_entities   Parser.LR   Parser.XML.NSTree      Protocols.HTTP.Query supports https - Protocols.LDP supports ldaps + Protocols.LDAP supports ldaps   Protocols.SNMP now works   Protocols.XMLRPC      SSL support TLS 1.0      Standards.EXIF   Standards.FIPS10_4   Standards.ID3   Standards.ISO639_2.map_to_639_1, convert_b_to_t, convert_t_to_b   Standards.RDF