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pike.git/CHANGES:45:    last column to disappear instead of being converted to a linefeed    when word wrapping is used.      o Fix bug in FakeFile.read()    Replaced the broken-in-multiple-ways implementation by something that    actually works (hence the original enlightnening description: "fixed a bug",    there is really no concise way to classify this level of brokenness).      o Image.TIFF: Fixed memory leak on OOM.    - o Fixed crash bug in Fixed core-dump typo in yyexplain_not_implements(). + o Fixed crash bug in yyexplain_not_implements().      o LysKOM.ProtocolTypes: Bugfix of LocalToGlobalBlock      o Protected Pike_fatal() against the risk of hanging on mutexes.      o Added 7.6 compat versions for RegGet{Value{,s},KeyNames}().      o Fixed memory leak in Image.Colortable.      o Parser.SGML: Reinstated the class as Parser.SGML(). It inadvertedly