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pike.git/CHANGES:870:      C level/development changes:   ----------------------------      o Some global symbols have been renamed to avoid name clashes.    sp -> Pike_sp    fp -> Pike_fp    fatal -> Pike_fatal    empty_string -> empty_pike_string    - o --with-internal-profiling + o Module symbols not available from other modules.    FIXME: Expand on this.      o C-module symbols not available from other modules.    To avoid clashes between modules the symbols of dynamically loaded    modules are now no longer available to eachother.    FIXME: How to do now?      o Pike valgrinded    Pike has been the subject to some Valgrind scrutiny. Some specific    Valgrind enhancements have been made to Pike to improve markup of    forbidden memory areas. While all Valgrind issues are not yet    resolved, partially due to Valgrind breakage, our confidence in    the quality of Pike has been reassured.    -  + o Some gdb helpers. +  If Pike is compiled with --with-rtldebug there's a function +  gdb_backtraces that can be called from gdb (using the "call" +  command) to print all Pike thread backtraces. It doesn't do any +  destructive changes of the memory structures (besides the stack) +  and it tries to be tolerant wrt inconsistencies.    -  +  --with-rtldebug also makes a dummy function _gdb_breakpoint +  available in Pike. It doesn't do anything and is intended to be +  used by setting a gdb breakpoint on the C level counterpart +  pike_gdb_breakpoint and then use _gdb_breakpoint at the +  appropriate place in the Pike code to enter gdb at that point. +    Bugs fixed:   -----------      To browse all bug tickets, visit http://pike.ida.liu.se/development/bugs/      o Reworked trampolines to cause less circular references. (solves 1937)      o It is now possible to inherit Pike programs from C programs.      o Now supports Autoconf 2.50 & Autoconf 2.52