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pike.git/CHANGES:26:    You are encouraged to upgrade just for this fix since it creates    very rare but (seemingly) random occurances of empty arrays.      o Fixed multiset_delete_node to work with destructed indices. This    fixes occasional bugs in various functions when there are destructed    objects in indices.       You are encouraged to upgrade just for this fix since it creates    (seemingly) random crashes that are hard to reproduce and track down.    + o Fixed bug in the Odbc module on WIN32 where it would fail for some +  field-types with the error "22003:Numeric value out of range". +    o Clean up and fix UTF8/Unicode/wide string support for pgsql.       FIXME: pgsql has changed a bit, anything notable?      o Fixed bug when seeking backwards in Gz.File.      o Fixed bug in fd_stat on windows when used on a file system with a    long name.      o Fixed off-by-one bug in Stdio.Readline that caused a space in the
pike.git/CHANGES:62:   o Added 7.6 compat versions for RegGet{Value{,s},KeyNames}().      o Fixed memory leak in Image.Colortable.      o Reinstated the class as Parser.SGML(). It inadvertedly became    Parser.SGML()->SGML() in the move to a separate file.    Parser.SGML.SGML is kept as a compatibility alias.      o Added Pike 7.6 and earlier compat for store_constant(UNDEFINED).    - o Potential fix for "Lost track of child" on pikes compiled --without-threads. + o Fixed race-condition causing "Lost track of child" on pikes compiled +  --without-threads.      o Regexp.PCRE: Do not match the empty string past the end of the input.         Optimizations   -------------      o Fixed Filesystem._Tar.ReadFile to not gobble the whole tar entries    into memory at once.